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Will green lipped mussel oil trigger a shellfish allergy?

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First things first – will green-lipped mussel trigger a shellfish allergy?

The answer is nuanced – frankly everyone’s biochemistry is different. Some of our customers with shellfish allergies are able to take GLX3 or green-lipped mussel supplements without any reaction, but others do have a small reaction. In the case that you do have a reaction, we will refund your money no-questions asked.

As to why these supplements might be safe, the answer lies in how the oil is extracted.

Green-lipped mussel extraction can prevent allergic reactions.

Green lipped mussel oil has been used by the Maoris, the native tribe of New Zealand, since long before modern supplements. The commercial farming of green lipped mussels has been carried out in New Zealand since the 1960s. When you take a green lipped mussel supplement, what you’re digesting is extracted oil and not the actual protein, allergic reactions are typically avoided in those without severe shellfish allergies.

The process of extracting oil from the green lipped mussels is carried out by experienced professionals through a process known as biotechnology. After the mussel shells pop open, the meat is taken out from the shell without cooking them. This is done so that the nutritional benefits of the mussels are not lost. Mussels are made to stay fresh by means of a modern form of pasteurization, and they won’t trigger shellfish allergies in most patients. What you get with GLX3 is a highly purified green lipped marine mussel lipid oil, which maintains the advantageous nutrients and the vitamins. These nutrients include omega-3 fatty acids, which helps green-lipped mussel offer relief from inflammation and joint pain.

The mussels used in the supplements are superior-quality and raised by experienced farmers. The young mussels, known as Spat, are placed underwater in farming colonies and raising process is carried out at several depths until these are ready for harvesting. The typical growing cycle is between fourteen and eighteen months, and depends on farm conditions and other factors such as weather and predators.

What triggers a shellfish allergy?

Shellfish allergy is an unusual response caused by an immune system overreaction. The body’s defense system by mistake identifies some proteins present in specific marine animals (shellfish) as dangerous, causing the production of antibodies (a protein formed in the blood which fights diseases by killing harmful bacteria) to the shellfish protein (allergen).

Within the shellfish family, it is the crustacean group (crabs, crayfish, shrimps and lobsters) that triggers the greatest number of allergic reactions. Some people show allergic reactions to all shellfish; others show a reaction to specific kinds. Many shellfish-allergic people are not allergic to mollusks (scallops, clams, oysters, and mussels). While your case is dependant on the severity of your allergy, our supplement is produced so as not to trigger allergic reactions

One can have an allergic reaction without even eating the shellfish. The proteins present in the shellfish that trigger allergic reactions can be transmitted by means of air when these foods are cooked. Symptoms include stuffy nose, hives, wheezing, abdominal pain, dizziness and even life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis. 

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels have all available Omega-3s. It also contains 30 free fatty acids including DHA, EPA, ETA, and OTA. This whole food form of this mussel makes GLX3 bioactive and potent, even in tiny serving sizes. The mussel is known to contain chemicals that help alleviate swelling or inflammation. GLX3 has only 3 pure and natural ingredients, that are safe and mercury-free and acts as a natural health support for aches, swelling, and soreness. 

Try GLX3– our safe and effective green-lipped mussel supplement.

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