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Question about GLX3

Our guarantee is simple! Take GLX3 for up to 90 days (and you really must give it up to 30 days to see results) and if you don’t believe you are getting the results you were seeking, or you simply just forget to take them, we will refund your purchase in full. No hoops to jump through, no “retention specialists”. We truly want you to experience success with GLX3. If you are not happy, we are not happy and will return your purchase price in full. We can offer this because we believe we have the best Omega-3 product on the planet. And our results speak for themselves…we rarely are asked for refund. Read More

We are committed to offering a sustainable, earth friendly product. Our green lipped mussels are aqua-cultured in a pristine environment, and we do not raid the oceans basic food source for larger marine creatures by over harvesting from wild populations. We ship in glass bottles to assure no BPA plastics ever are created or affect your gelcaps. The dark glass bottle serves to keep GLX3 from intense light that could harm the product, and it is fully recyclable including the capYes plastic would be cheaper, but it wouldn’t be better. We have chosen to absorb the cost of glass by lowering our margin, so it is not any more expensive to you.Read More

Yes, the Green Lipped Mussel oil is encapsulated in a very small gelatin capsule. Gelatin is a natural substance that works to keep the GLM in an easy to swallow, easy to digest small capsule…Read More

Some brands do market their product with this rather misleading number. We choose to give you the actual amount of GLM OIL (100mg in our normal 2-pill dosage). That is the only way to get a number that is at all valid for comparison

Even that number is often misused to compare 100mg of GLM Oil to equivalent MG of fish oil. Fish oil is vastly inefficient in its transfer of Omega-3’s into usable form within the body. So their 1,000mg tablet of fish oil (or krill), will deliver much less actual USABLE Omega-3’s to your body.

What they are trying to tell you is.. “It would take xxxxMG of mussels to get this amount of usable oil, or freeze dried flakes” Kind of like saying on a menu. “12 full size oranges in a glass” and then handing you a 8oz glass of orange juice. Wouldn’t you rather know that you could expect 8oz of the juice you ordered?…. Read More

GLX3 is designed to have a long shelf life while stored in a cool dark environment. No need to refrigerate, but it won’t hurt it to keep it there as it guarantees low exposure to intense light. And some find that keeping it near a food that they consume daily helps remind them to stay on schedule….Read More

The Green Lipped Mussel Oil  in GLX3 is safe and appropriate supplement for those with hypertension, high blood pressure and autistic children that may actually suffer harm from fish oil.   Unique to Green Lipped Mussel Oil  it is the only known source for EPA and all 18 fatty acids that are associated with Omega-3’s.  Fish and Krill oil have only 3…..Read More

We market GLX3 with Green Lipped Mussel OIL only.  But, why?!
We offer the oil because it has some additional benefits over the freeze-dried powder form.
  1. It is more concentrated.  It takes 12 to 15 times as much of the powder to equal the amount of Omega-3’s your body will absorb from the oil-based form.
  2. In the oil form, you know you are getting all of the best assets of the Green Lipped Mussel without the proteins that can cause allergic reaction in some people.  
  3. There is a “junk” form of powder that is used mostly for animal feed, be sure you are getting the higher quality form, not the “waste” form or a mixture including this “filler”.

Did you know that GLX3 works on pets too?  If the reason you are looking at powders is because you are giving it to a pet, you may be surprised by how readily cats and dogs (even horses!) will take GLX3.   Most love the marine-smell and taste.   It is also easy to administer by slicing the gel-cap and spreading it on their food as an alternate method of delivery...Read More

You cannot compare just MG to MG (or simple weight/volume) from Green Lipped Mussel OIL to Green Lipped Mussel freeze dried powder. The oil is more concentrated (as an example studies indicate you would have to take 12-15 TIMES as much powder and VASTLY more times fish oil to equal the bio-available Omega-3’s that occur in Green Lipped Mussel OIL. If you compare to another GLM-oil product, be careful not to confuse the total amount of MG in a dosage that is disguised in a phrase like “in a proprietary formula” with the amount of GLM oil. GLX3 tells you what the actual proportions are of our simple 3 ingredients. This dosage is the most-studied and recommended amount of GLM OIL and that is the very reason we use this amountRead More

This is a valid question when comparing one fish or krill oil to another, but it is not really relevant when talking about Green Lipped Mussel Oil (GLM).
FULL SPECTRUM of 18 Fatty-Acids in GLX3 versus 2.
When you are looking at your source for fatty-acids and their beneficial Omega-3’s you are looking for the EFFECTIVE amount and FULL SPECTRUM variety of Omega-3’s, not just the gross number in mg. of only two available fatty acids. The fish oil producers will tout their measurable levels of DHA and EPA
because this is all they have available: DHA and EPA.
Fish oil contains two fatty-acids, GLX3 and the GLM it contains has all 18 of the beneficial fatty acids.
Fully “Bio-Available” vs 10%
The next thing that needs to be considered is how effective the body is in absorbing and making use of the available Omega-3 in your supplement, what is referred to as “bio-availability”.
In the case of fish oil, the fatty acids need to be broken down in the gut using enzymes and acids to convert it into a “bio-available” form. Our bodies convert this at only about 10% efficiency. GLX3 with GLM-OIL is immediately available, without conversion. This is why the advertising council has approved GLM producers saying it is “158 times as effective” as fish oil. Roughly that means it takes 150 times as much to get the same benefit. This allows us to deliver MORE in a tablet that is so much smaller and easier to take.
No Mercury, sustainably sourced.
While not part of this original question, it is an additional benefit of GLX3. Our mussels are raised in an environment completely free of mercury, and other industrial and harmful contaminants. It also is specifically raised to provide this oil, and does not raid our already over-fished oceans of larger fish, or in the case of krill..the main food source of larger marine life..Read More

We use only natural sources for our vitamin E. Never chemically produced. While the actual source varies a little by season it is derived from vegetable/plant material like safflower or sunflower oil. We do not use nuts or soy . Read More


Krill oil has some benefits over fish oil (smaller crustacean that is not as susceptible to mercury accumulation of the larger fish, but krill still only has the same 3 of the 18 Omega-3’s found in only the Green Lipped Mussel.  In addition, krill is being harvested in the areas where it is the primary food source of whales, and larger fish, putting a strain on many other marine inhabitants.    Green Lipped Mussels are “wild-farmed”.  They are raised specifically for food and supplements and they are raised completely naturally, never being “fed” by man nor given harmful antiobiotics…..Read More

Question about Omega-3

GLX3 cannot be expected to do much to repair a tear in tissue, but it may help with the pain that results from swelling that may occur around the site of “tear”. Omega-3’s are believed to promote overall joint health and comfort…Read More

GLX3 has almost zero negative side effects. It is classified as a food supplement, made of only three natural ingredients and you can safely take it up to 6 times a day, the only negative is cost. The normal dosage of 2 gelcaps once or twice a day should be sufficient to see the benefits. Consistency is more important and effective than taking high doses….Read More

Question about Green-lipped mussel Oil

Great question which is often asked! GLX3 with Green Lipped Mussel Oil is far superior to any fish or krill oi for many reasons and here are a few: 1. GLX3 contains 30 free fatty acids in GLX3 vs only 3 in common Fish Oil 2. Ready to Use.. GLX3 and Green Lipped Mussels are Bio-available to the human body. Even if you were to take the MUCH higher quantity of fish oil vs. GLM your body would need to have similar amounts of available Omega-3’s, your body would just let most of the fatty acids pass through your system. The Omega-3’s in GLX3 are ready for your body to use immediately. 3. No Mercury! GLX3 mussels are grown and harvested in some of the cleanest natural waters on earth in New Zealand. They cannot absorb mercury, heavy metals, chemicals, or farm or human population runoff because it simply doesn’t exist in their environment. 4. Sustainable! While humans are over-fishing virtually EVERY fish in the ocean, and harvesting vast amounts of krill (the basic food source for most marine life) has unknown future impact, GLX3 mussels are aquaculture farmed. These mussels are constantly replenished by sustainable farming methods. Read More

That would not be directly supported by any studies we have seen. However it could be a “side effect” of the other things that GLX3’s Omega-3 are doing for you. Studies HAVE shown some anti-depression effects, and others have indicated an increased ability to concentrate in children. So maybe it is this overall better feeling that makes you FEEL like you have more energy….Read More.

Here are some great studies to read up on:


Green Lipped Mussels used in GLX3 do not contain antibiotics, nor GMO ingredients. The aquaculture methods used in New Zealand for Green Lipped Mussels differ dramatically from those used in farm raised catfish and salmon. They are not “fed” anything by man. They are filter feeders of phytoplankton that occur naturally in the exceptionally clean waters off New Zealand. They are not raised in the kind of closed environment of many fish farms.  A google search will confirm this. Search “antibiotics AND green lipped mussel” and you will come up with zero related articles. Do the same with “antibiotics AND salmon” and you will find a lot of scary results.Read More


GLX3 Green Lipped Mussel oil IS extracted from the Perna canaliculus shellfish. The method of extracting the oil does NOT pass the protein through to the final product. You get the beneficial Omega 3’s without the shellfish protein. It is the protein that can sometimes cause a reaction to those with shellfish allergy. Since the shellfish protein is eliminated there should be no negative reaction.  However, we always recommend you to consult your physician! …Read More

Truthfully, yes. But most of us do not have access to biologically natural fish or mussels that have grown in the exceptionally clean environment where the Green Lipped Mussel lives. If you consume enough fish to equal the benefits found in the tiny GLX3 capsule, you may have to worry about mercury and other negative build-ups in your body. ….Read More

GLX3 uses the best, sustainably-raised Green Lipped Mussels to produce a supplement that is redefining the lifestyle of people around the world! The best part? No eco-systems are pillaged and no other species are harmed. Green Lipped Mussels deliver a cleaner source of Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon or krill oil, as the pristine waters they grow in are untainted by high mercury levels and pollution. The fact that Green Lipped Mussels ONLY grow in New Zealand’s pristine environment, and GLX3’s promise to use only New Zealand natural products in our supplement guarantee that no ingredients from polluted environments or of unknown origin are ever introduced. We are the only Green Lipped Mussel manufacturer that actually lists EVERY ingredient on our label. While salmon and krill supplements are often stuffed with fillers and additives, the 30 fatty acids in GLX3 deliver more value than any cheaper imitation. GLX3’s essential, all-natural nutrients include EPA, OTA, DHA, ETA, and many more, collecting the essential benefits of healthy fatty acids and providing them all in one capsule.Read More

They are the same thing. In the West, we usually refer to them as Green Lipped Mussel and in other parts of the world they are often called Greenshell Mussels. In both cases it refers to “Perna canaliculus” the mussel that only lives in New Zealand……Read More

Green Lipped Mussel oil by itself has a very limited shelf life. It will spoil or “go rancid” without an antioxidant to keep it stable. We are committed to having an all-natural product, and carefully chose olive oil and all-natural plant-based vitamin e for their antioxidant properties. They have the added benefit of providing some additional Omega-3’s, while giving GLX3 an extended “best by date”.

You can tell these antioxidants are working when you first open a bottle of GLX3. You should get a mild “marine odor”, not that awful “fish-gone-bad” smell that is indicative of a spoiled product. GLX3 also has that nice, clean, translucent golden color that also indicates its freshness.

Those competitors are adding a host of additional ingredients. And they don’t tell you how much or if they are all natural. They can change the amount of Green Lipped Mussel oil without disclosing this at any time. GLX3 has remained the exact same formula since its inception, and we print that formula on each bottle, along with a batch number and best-by-date. Click Here To Watch Steve Explain in Depth

Question about Dosage and Administration

Consistency is key. The human body cannot make Omega-3’s on its own (Except pregnant and lactating women who produce enough to basically load up the babies brain). Omega-3’s don’t work really well on an episodic-basis, you have to take them consistently to work. A weekly pill box with days laid out, storing the product next to a food that you eat daily, laying out the gelcaps the night before all are ways to help you remember to stay on the program. Joining our auto-ship club will also assure you never run out and provide a savings too!.Read More


Some of the original studies were conducted on elite athletes and found that the active ingredient in GLX3 was effective in”speed of recovery” and lower incidence of pain-causing inflammation..Read More


That would not be directly supported by any studies we have seen. However it could be a “side effect” of the other things that GLX3’s Omega-3 are doing for you. Studies HAVE shown some anti-depression effects, and others have indicated an increased ability to concentrate in children. So maybe it is this overall better feeling that makes you FEEL like you have more energy….Read More.

Here are some great studies to read up on:


One of our most often asked questions is “How much should I take?”. The normal dosage is 2 soft-gel caps once a day, with a meal. If you are just starting on Omega-3 plan, then you may want to take that same 2-cap dose with breakfast AND dinner for the first two weeks or so, just to more quickly boost your Omega-3 levels. Most people find that after that, they can go back to the 2-cap/once-a-day plan. If you have a recent injury, or want to increase the rapidity of GLX3 working for you, you can safely up the dosage to 3 times a day. One of the really great things about GLX3 is it’s very low incidence of side effects. . . Read More

If you are just starting on an Omega-3 regimen, you might benefit from taking two-capsule dose, twice a day for the first couple of weeks.  This should help boost your depleted Omega-3 levels more quickly.  After that try the maintenance dosage two capsules once per day…Read More

It’s OK to take on an empty stomach. We usually recommend that you take it with a meal just because the other food will get your stomach working and may aid in the immediate absorption of the Green Lipped Mussel Oil. . . Read More

If you are in search of a more rapid or increased effect of Omega-3’s found in GLX3 you can safely increase the dosage up to 3, 2-capsule times a day. It’s a good idea if you have a recently sustained injury, or are just starting on an Omega-3 plan..Read More

Question about Subscription

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