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How green-lipped mussels can help your immune system

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One of the best things about our job is that we have the ability to provide a product offering life-changing benefits to our customers. It was this knowledge that led us to develop the GLX3 Added Benefits Series. We want everyone to know about this wonder food!

Each week, we’ve been featuring one of the perks of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. In addition, of course, to the well-publicized relief of joint pain and inflammation. This week’s discussion centers on how green lipped mussels benefit the immune system.

Part of the benefit stems from the assistance with arthritis symptoms. Green Lipped Mussel Oil helps users get back to the activities they love the most by helping them move around with less pain. Regular exercise benefits the entire body, including the immune system, and makes for an overall healthier self. When you’re more active, you feel good. When you’re feeling good, you get sick less.

This just comes with the territory. But did you know that Green Lipped Mussels also benefit the immune system in these ways:

Green Lipped Mussels Help Blood Flow By Strengthening Arterial Walls

Green Lipped Mussels are packed full of protein and nutrients that circulate throughout the body. As the nutrients move through your bloodstream, the body processes them into the arterial walls. This results in the stronger veins. Blood can circulate through the body as intended, free from inhibitions caused by a malnourished system.

Proper blood flow means the blood reaches your extremities and allows for proper functioning of the limbs, including fingers and toes. If you find yourself performing better on the tennis court, GLX3 is likely part of the reason!

You’ll feel better about being more active. Starting the day with a stretch, and incorporating a physical activity as part of your routine won’t seem like such a burden. They’ll become enjoyable parts of the day that you actually look forward to.

This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of a heart attack and other heart-related issues that stem from non-optimized blood flow.

Green-lipped mussels can increase resistance to bacteria and infections

Proper blood flow has all types of benefits. By making Green Lipped Mussel Oil part of your daily routine, you’ll be taking a major step towards warding off infections and staying healthy.

In Laymen’s Terms, it works like this: Green Lipped Mussel Oil circulates through the body. Along the way, it assists with the formation of antibodies. Antibodies are a blood protein designed by the body to fight an intrusive antigen. This could include things such as a light disease or a papercut. Strong antibodies are able to help the body heal faster. You may notice that viruses which once causes you to have a sickness which affected your routine may not cause such a strong reaction any longer.

Because Green Lipped Mussel Oil also helps the skin stay healthier, you’ll have an added line of defense in the fight against wounds and cuts. Nerve cells will function at a higher level and generally be stronger.

(Of course, feeling better helps you not only get back to the activities you love, it helps you keep doing them regularly!)

Green Lipped Mussel Oil Can Act As An Anti-Aging Agent

At this point, you may be thinking, “This is too good to be true!” But Green Lipped Mussels are known as a ‘complete food’ for a reason. Have you ever heard the term glycosaminoglycan? It’s a mouthful – for sanity’s sake, let’s refer to it as GAGs.

GAGs benefit immensely from Green Lipped Mussel Oil. They act alongside other agents in the body to help tissues, limbs, ligaments, and other body parts stay healthy as a person ages. Supplements such as GLX3 help the GAGs function properly over the course of many years. The body can be more resistant to the slowing down and reduced function of the aspects boosted by GAGs. Growth and health are positively impacted by adding Green Lipped Mussel Oil.

GAG’s are also very important when it comes to the metabolism. This has a lot to do with how a body processes food.

Simply put: the aging process can be slowed by adding Green Lipped Mussel Oil to your routine. How’s that for a life hack?

The importance of taking Green Lipped Mussel Oil as a supplement

These benefits, as well as the additional perks we discuss in the other articles in the series, are nothing short of incredible. But it’s important to note that much of the nutritional benefits of Green Lipped Mussels are lost during the cooking process.

The natural remedies found in the mussels are cooked off when heated. Basically, when the mussels aren’t consumed raw or as a supplement, you’re just eating a seafood dish.

GLX3 preserves the oil that is so beneficial to our health and delivers it in a pill form that is easy to make part of your routine. Stay tuned for more installments in the GLX3 Added Benefits Series!

Learn more about the many benefits of GLX3.

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