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GLX3 - Extra Strength Green Lipped Mussel Oil
Mary Grable (Kailua-Kona, US)
Great for arthritis pain

GLX 3 has helped me more than any other supplement with my joint and arthritis pain.

Desperate for pain relief

Over the last 8 years I tried so many supplements/ products to help reduce bone on bone knee pain. Finally I found GLX3….
AND THIS WORKS FOR ME! GLX3 has given me comfort and has increased my mobility more than I expected.Now at 76 I’m comfortable doing all I used to do years ago.

Love my GLX3!

I’ve been taking a fish oil type supplement for years and felt like I needed to switch it up. I did by trying GLX3 and I’m so glad I did. I feel so much better and can move more easily.

Bonus Discount 1 Bottle - One Time Purchase

Crazy energy, less pain

I put my 13 year old dog on this supplement to ease arthritis pain and in 2 weeks he was running around like a puppy again! I tried it and transformed from couch potato to an actual energetic human being at 43 years old. Eased chronic pain to make it liveable too. Highly recommend, this stuff is gold!!!

Green Lipped Mussel Side Effects and the Worst Misconception We’ve Heard About Them

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As you research different supplements to relieve sore bones and joints from arthritis, improve mental functioning, slow aging, or boost your immune system, you may find yourself asking what is green-lipped mussel oil? A follow up question you’re bound to ask after is:

What are potential green lipped mussel side effects?

We’re glad you asked!

At GLX3, we’re fans of honesty and transparency. If we don’t take vitamins and supplements without doing our research, we wouldn’t want you to, either!

In this post, we’ll set the record straight about the green lipped mussels we use in our supplements and their potential side effects, including the worst misconception we’ve heard about them!

Read on to see if it’s what you expected!

Potential Side Effects of Green Lipped Mussel Supplements

We told you we’d shoot it straight, so here it goes:

Green lipped mussel supplements may produce negative side effects when taken by someone with allergies to shellfish or when a person consumes too much. With that said — due to the extraction process, when you take a green lipped mussel supplement you’re actually digesting extracted oil and not the actual protein. Therefore allergic reactions are typically avoided in those without severe shellfish allergies.

And remember, you can even consume too much water-healthy living requires a balance in all things.

If you’re wondering how much is too much, a study demonstrated doses of up to 5 grams/day were well-tolerated.

And if you’re worried about increasing your LDL cholesterol levels, this study also mentions ingesting higher doses of DHA and EPA (two of the omega-3 fatty acids found in green lipped mussel oil) did not have a significant effect on cardiovascular risk.

For dosing tips, check out our post on dosage instructions for green-lipped mussel oil, and always consult with your doctor before introducing a new supplement to your diet.

Rare and mild side effects include indigestion or an upset stomach, but it was never enough to cause patients to drop out of the study mentioned above.

If you have gout, doctors often recommend limiting seafood intake due to high purine content. Purine gets broken down into uric acid in the body and contributes to gout.

When it comes to adverse effects of green lipped mussel supplements, it’s clear they’re the exception. But there is one big misconception about Omega-3 supplements we can’t stand!

The Worst Misconception We’ve Heard About green-lipped mussel and Omega-3 Supplements

There are some misconceptions about omega-3 supplements. Hands down the worst misconception is the idea all Omega-3 supplements are created the same and are tolerated equally!

Let’s unpack this myth some more:

The truth is many omega-3 supplements are made with fish oil, which tends to increase the adverse effects related to indigestion, unpleasant tastes, gas, and fish burps. Plus, you don’t always know where these fish were sourced and in what kind of environment they lived in!

With GLX3 supplements you know the exact batch and location our green lipped mussels were sourced from here in New Zealand.  They’re farmed in a clean, nutrient rich environment, so we’re better able to monitor and manage their level of purity!

Speaking of purity…

Many companies choose to stabilize their supplements using chemical fillers. Many of these are toxic in large doses, so these stabilizers are not something you want to put into your body.

Our green lipped mussel oil capsules are stabilized using natural Vitamin E oil and pure New Zealand olive oil, so you’ll feel confident you’re taking steps to improve your health, not put it at risk! 

The Difference Between ‘Adverse Effects’ and ‘Side Effects’

It’s important to remember a ‘side effect’ does not have to mean something harmful or uncomfortable.

In fact, many of the unexpected side effects from taking a green lipped mussel supplement like GLX3 are positive!

Here are 3 side effects GLX3 users can expect:

Better Sleep-If you’re taking green lipped mussel oil to soothe aching joints and bones due to arthritis, a pleasant side effect is the ability to get more restful sleep! Without the pain to keep or wake you up, you can greet the day feeling refreshed and renewed.

Less Muscle Soreness After Exercising-Green lipped mussel oil isn’t just for arthritis patients. Athletes and bodybuilders reap the benefits of green-lipped mussel oil during workouts, as it helps soothe delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Less pain, more reps!

A Healthier Dog – Give your pup a healthy boost of joint pain relief and and go play! Omega-3 has many benefits for dogs and pets. Experience the joy of a walk with your dog again!

One more thing about sourcing . . .

Quality sourcing is essential when it comes to supplements. Supplements are only as effective as the quality of their ingredients, so it’s important to pay attention to where your supplements are coming from.

Supplements should be sourced from reliable suppliers that adhere to industry standards for production and manufacturing processes. A good source will use the highest-grade ingredients available and take extra steps such as third-party lab testing to ensure their products meet rigorous safety guidelines and deliver results.

At GLX3, we source our active ingredient from mussels grown only off New Zealand’s east coast. We know the suppliers and have developed a transparent, multi-year relationship with them. We’re picky about what we put into our Green Lipped Mussel Oil supplement, and they know that – so we only buy the best. This is how we’ve built a good relationship with our customers, as well, because they know they can trust us to deliver a supplement that’s well-sourced and effective.

The supplier’s reputation also plays a role in choosing quality supplementation; look for companies with positive reviews who have a track record of providing quality, ethically sourced products. Taking these precautions when sourcing your supplements ensures you get the best possible benefits without compromising on safety or efficacy.

Who shouldn’t take Green Lipped Mussel Oil?

Of course, no supplement is for everyone. For those with allergies to shellfish, Green Lipped Mussel Oil should be avoided as it can cause an allergic reaction. Additionally, if too much is taken at once, it can lead to side effects such as fluid retention, nausea, and upset stomach.

Additionally, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a bleeding disorder, are taking blood-thinning medications, or have a medical condition such as diabetes should also avoid using Green Lipped Mussel Oil without first consulting with their healthcare provider.

As always, it’s important to talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements or medications, particularly if you have questions related to the above. They can provide advice on the best dosage for your individual needs and help identify any potential risks or interactions with existing medications.

We hope this post cleared up any doubts you had regarding potential green lipped mussel supplement side effects.  

As always, consult your doctor for personalized medical advice,and feel free to shoot us an email with any other questions!      


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