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Debunking Myths About Green Lipped Mussel Oil

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New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil has many health benefits and is primarily used to treat joint pain and inflammation, often resulting from osteoarthritis and similar condition. But does green-lipped mussel oil really work?

If you’re speaking to a scientist, they may refer to green-lipped mussels as Perna Canaliculus. The bioactive nutrients in the mussles benefit the body in many ways.

As these mussels have become more of a mainstream phenomenon, more and more studies have been done on potential perks. A number of other benefits have come to light, but with more visibility comes more questions.

Fortunately, many studies have concluded in recent years that green-lipped mussel oil offers natural remedies to joint pain and inflammation. Because this is an over-the-counter supplement, there’s no need for an expensive prescription or risky pharmaceutical regimen with a slew of harmful side effects.

Let’s look at a few common questions and myths related to green-lipped mussel oil. Let’s set the record straight!

Does Green Lipped Mussel Oil Help Arthritis?

This is the most common question related to green-lipped mussel oil. This is the most recognized health benefit of the supplement, as it has been proven to relieve joint pain and inflammation. In particular, green-lipped mussel oil is beneficial for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The mussels have effective mitigating nutrients that help joints function properly with less chronic pain.

When taken in pill form, the Omega-3 fatty acids in the mussels connect with the body’s metabolic system and are circulated throughout the body, offering benefits to all joints. There are a number of additional health benefits of green-lipped mussels such as increased mental stamina and better nervous system functionality, which we’ve discussed in our GLX Added Benefits Series.

Are Green Lipped Mussels affected by polluted oceans?

You may have read about the large ‘island’ of trash floating in the Pacific ocean, mostly constituted of thrown away plastic. There is also much talk of ocean water polluted by Mercury and other toxins that are seeping into the world’s seafood supply.

Fortunately, green-lipped mussels are native to the Southern Hemisphere. Eastern New Zealand, to be exact – far from the polluted waters surrounding more densely populated land masses and the countries that toss the most pollutants into the water.

Surrounding New Zealand are exchanging winds and ocean streams that act as a sort of protectant against much of the toxins.

This ‘complete food’ grows in an environment far removed from the vast majority of the world’s population and pollution. Therefore, Green Lipped Mussels are among the cleanest shellfish-based Omega-3 fatty acid sources in the world.

How Does Green Lipped Mussel Oil Work?

The Omega-3s and other valuable nutrients found in the raw mussels are where the health benefits come from. When cooked, much of these nutrients are lost. But when extracted into pill form, the benefits are preserved in their true form to be ingested by humans.

As the nutrients circulate throughout the body, many users notice relief from chronic joint pain in less than 90 days.

Scientists have noted these benefits in many studies. Users have noted relief from osteoarthritis, heart disease, asthma, and even certain mental conditions.

It often takes at least a few weeks to begin noticing benefits. But green-lipped mussel oil continues to see increased use as larger numbers of people prefer natural supplements and oils.

The indigenous Maori population of New Zealand were the first to discover their benefits. Green Lipped Mussels were a staple part of their diet. As a supplement, Green Lipped Mussel extracts such as oils and powders began gaining popularity in the 1970s, as multiple clinical trials were undertaken to determine whether the perceived benefits were justified.

Is Green Lipped Mussel Oil Sustainable?

When compared to krill oil and other fish sources, Green Lipped Mussel Oil is sustainable. In fact, it’s light years ahead of the competition when it comes to eco-friendliness. The mussels are farmed in renewable fashion on sustainable farms located on the New Zealand coast.

The New Zealand Minister of Fisheries enforces strict regulations on the farming of these mussels, ensuring that they meet environmental standards and practices. The farms are also subject to other government regulations and sustainability practices. The waters around New Zealand are some of the cleanest in the world, consistently circulating and providing fresh habitat and nutrients for the mussels to grow in.

How is the mussel oil extracted?

The extraction process involves carefully sourcing the mussels, then freeze-drying them to ensure that all the nutrients are preserved. Haka Life sources its mussels from sustainable farms off New Zealand’s east coast, where we carefully select the best product to use for our supplement. After that, the oil is extracted using a cold-pressing method, which guarantees that the oil retains all its nutrients and is free from any chemical solvents.

The resulting oil is an excellent source of Omega-3 and is known to promote heart and cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and improve brain function. It is also an effective joint support supplement, with many people using it to alleviate muscle soreness, arthritis, and other joint-related issues, according to WebMD.

In the case of our supplement, GLX3, each batch is built to provide the recommended daily amount of omega-3s in a supplement, as discussed in the point above. By following the directions on the label, you’re doing everything necessary to get the maximum benefit.

How nutritious is Green Lipped Mussel Oil?

The question ‘Does Green Lipped Mussel Oil Work’ often leads into a discussion about nutrition. After all,  aren’t we all after a healthy, natural supplement that revitalizes our body in addition to offsetting joint pain and inflammation?

The collection of wholesome ingredients found inside Green Lipped Mussels offer much more than just EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. These long chain omega-3 unsaturated fats blend with what is known as phosphorylated glycogen. Also found inside is glycosaminoglycan, which helps lubricate joint areas to relieve arthritis pain.

These nutrients assume a vital role in ligament recovery. Shellfish are high in protein and low in fat – another huge plus for those looking to step up their diet.

Let’s not forget about vitamins A, D3, E and B12.

Can you cook with Green Lipped Mussels?

The short answer here is yes, you can! But it is important to remember that many of the health benefits of Green Lipped Mussel Oil are lost during the cooking process. You likely won’t see the same benefits for arthritis and other ailments. We strongly suggest taking Green Lipped Mussel Oil supplements such as GLX3 to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit. There are other recipes too that can help greatly with arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation.

However, if you do choose to cook with them . . .

We suggest steaming them with spices and mixing with pasta and/or veggies. They make a quick and exceptionally tasty supper, and you’re still ingesting a food that is high in protein and low in fat.

There are a collection of great recipes available here.

How much green lipped mussel oil should I take?

It’s generally advised to take 500-1,000mg per day for joint health, and up to 2,000mg per day for those with arthritis and other painful ailments, according to Joint Health Magazine. Research shows that these fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and ease joint pain, making them an essential part of any arthritis treatment plan. It’s easy to add a supplement like GLX3 to your daily routine, especially when pared with breakfast or dinner (or whichever meal you most frequently eat at home).

Studies on rheumatoid arthritis show that Omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent or reduce experimental arthritis, and could have a beneficial effect on the immune system. If you’re looking to include more Omega-3s in your diet, consider consuming fatty fish like salmon into your idet alongside GLX3, as eating sustainably-produced salmon offers a range of health benefits not found in salmon oil supplements.

To sum this point up, following the dosage recommended by the provider or, for those with arthritis, by your doctor, is important. Hake Life sells green lipped mussel oil supplements that should be taken once a day – that’s enough to get the benefit of relieving joint pain and inflammation, without overdoing it.. Excessive consumption of green lipped mussel oil can lead to upset stomach, bloating, and diarrhea, according to a study published on NCBI.

Why is Green Lipped Mussel Oil better than other joint pain supplements?

Unlike other joint pain supplements, green lipped mussel oil is made from a specific type of mussel that is native to New Zealand. It’s been found to be beneficial in reducing inflammation and ameliorating joint pain. In fact, clinical trials have found that green-lipped mussel was more effective than a placebo in improving joint function and overall quality of life for individuals with osteoarthritis. 

What you’re getting with this supplement is an all-natural remedy that doesn’t have the fillers or artificial ingredients that come with pharmaceutical drugs and some other supplements. When compared to fish oil or krill, reen-lipped mussel oil contains a variety of beneficial nutrients such as chondroitin, EPA, OTA, DHA, and ETA, rather than simply focusing on one nutrient – meaning you get all the punch with only one pill. As compared to salmon oil, GLMO offers the benefit of being sustainably sourced and always from the same location.

Bringing it all together

Green Lipped Mussel Oil supplements have become one of the most effective and affordable over-the-counter methods for relieving joint pain and inflammation. If your doctor recommends taking action on arthritis, GLX3 may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

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