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GLX3 - Extra Strength Green Lipped Mussel Oil
Mary Grable (Kailua-Kona, US)
Great for arthritis pain

GLX 3 has helped me more than any other supplement with my joint and arthritis pain.

Desperate for pain relief

Over the last 8 years I tried so many supplements/ products to help reduce bone on bone knee pain. Finally I found GLX3….
AND THIS WORKS FOR ME! GLX3 has given me comfort and has increased my mobility more than I expected.Now at 76 I’m comfortable doing all I used to do years ago.

Love my GLX3!

I’ve been taking a fish oil type supplement for years and felt like I needed to switch it up. I did by trying GLX3 and I’m so glad I did. I feel so much better and can move more easily.

Bonus Discount 1 Bottle - One Time Purchase

Crazy energy, less pain

I put my 13 year old dog on this supplement to ease arthritis pain and in 2 weeks he was running around like a puppy again! I tried it and transformed from couch potato to an actual energetic human being at 43 years old. Eased chronic pain to make it liveable too. Highly recommend, this stuff is gold!!!

Why Does Arthritis Hurt More When It’s Cold?

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

You know that feeling. You wake up in the morning, eager to get ready and get the day going. But instead of easily popping out of bed, you’re struck by a sudden (and seemingly intrusive) bout of joint pain.

That damn arthritis is back at it again. And a quick look out the window tells you exactly why — it’s raining. Or snowing. Or otherwise a far cry from the outdoor conditions you experienced yesterday.

How frustrating! Today was supposed to be a day of getting things done.

What’s even more frustrating is that sleeping during a mellow spring rainstorm is one of life’s simple joys. The same goes for waking up after a long, silent night to see your backyard blanketed in the white of a fresh snowstorm.  There’s just something about that tap, tap, tap on the roof that lets us know all is well in the world.

Until it isn’t. When you wake up with aching, cracking knees or wrists that can barely muster the flexibility to turn off your alarm, the subtle calm of the night is zapped away instantly, replaced with a feeling of dread for getting through the day to come. Especially when you felt just fine the day before, as it tends to go on warm sunny days.

The link between arthritis and weather

Cold and adverse weather conditions can affect arthritis patients because most likely because of sudden changes in air pressure. Barometric pressure, to be specific.

While specifics of what is causing your weather-induced arthritis may be different than why it happens to others, the general understanding is that rapid changes in pressure are tough on sensitive joints.

WebMD suggests that this could be because of the cartilage surrounding your joints. “It could be that when the cartilage that cushions the bones inside a joint is worn away, nerves in the exposed bones might pick up on changes in pressure,” says an article on their site titled Does Weather Affect Joint Pain.

When you feel a rain or snow storm coming in before it hits, this is because your body — read, your joints — picked up on the change in barometric pressure. This is a good indication that its time to take recommended precautions against increased joint pain It’s not a sign that you should apply to change jobs and become a weatherman (there’s still a lot of training that goes into getting those predictions wrong half the time, you know).

Also impacting joint pain and inflammation are quick changes in temperature, humidity, and precipitation. This is why your arthritis pain flares up when it rains even if it isn’t very cold outside. This is also why your joints may hurt after you step off a plane in a climate that is much more humid that you are used to. (If you’ve ever flown from the altitude of Colorado to a coastal beach destination, you may know this first hand!)

What you can do to ease your pain when it’s cold

Fortunately, you likely already have options at your disposal to help curb the arthritis pain. Any medication prescribed or recommended is a must-do on cold days when your joints flare up. Beyond your regular routine, here are a few options to get you loosened up for the day:

Beyond these tips, we recommend taking an all-natural supplement such as a green lipped mussel oil to help take the burden off, and to decrease the severity of impact from future cold snaps.

Green lipped mussels are a bivalve creature, similar to oysters, that are populous in regions off eastern New Zealand including the northern tip of the southern island, Marlborough Sounds, Coromandel/Hauraki Gulf, and other spots north and east of Auckland.
Our supplement, GLX3, is safe, all-natural, and can really help you stay loose — no matter the weather. Learn more here.


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