Is Beta-Glucan Gluten Free?

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With all the ads promoting this and that, on top of often confusing ingredient labels that make it tough to even pronounce what’s in your meal, let alone know if it’s gluten-free, we understand the concern surrounding Beta-Glucan and gluten.

In this article we will dive into common foods and supplements that contain Beta-Glucan, look at which way of sourcing Beta-Glucan provides the most benefit to your immune system, and discuss why we spent years sourcing the best Beta-Glucan for our new supplement, B-Blucan85Plus. Because as we all know, there are the everyday sources of all types of nutrients and supplements out there, and then there are the top-quality sourcing processes that actually deliver the most measurable impact to you, the consumer — you simply aren’t going to get the benefits that B-Glucan85Plus can give from other sources.

First things first is beta-glucan gluten-free?

Common food sources of beta-glucan are not gluten-free, however, the right beta-glucan supplement very much is gluten-free.


Why is Beta-Glucan important?

Beta-Glucan is a naturally occurring soluble dietary fiber that is present in many starches. It is known to assist with lowering cholesterol levels and increasing heart health. When sourced from the specific molecular chain of 1,3/1,6-D, Beta-Glucan has the unique capability of boosting immune system response by up to 85% — making it a powerhouse for those pursuing a healthy diet and lifestyle.

So, as you can see, it’s the sourcing that makes Beta-Glucan an optimum immune booster. BG sourced from mushrooms and brewer’s yeast is far cheaper, but may not deliver the immune boost you are looking for. After years of research and development, we firmly believe that Beta-Glucan not sourced from the 1,3/1,6-D molecular strain to be of sub-quality.

Beta-Glucan may also improve skin conditions such as bedsores, radiation burns from a variety of sources, eczema, and certain other types of sores and wounds. 


Foods that have Beta-Glucan

B-Glucan85Plus uses a well-sourced Beta-Blucan from the Netherlands, which is how we guarantee our purity level. While common items you can find at the grocery store like oats, barley, wheat, and rye, have Beta-Glucan. It’s important to note that these items do not offer the same levels of purity and effectiveness.

Barley tends to have the highest concentration of Beta-Glucan, followed by oats, with the former containing about 3 grams in a typical one-cup serving and the latter, oats, containing 2.5 grams in a typical serving of oatmeal. Of these food sources, however, oats are often the only one that is fully gluten-free when cooked and prepared in many recipes. Simply eating foods that contain Beta-Glucan, however, does not provide the same power that we provide with B-Glucan85Plus because even mushrooms, barley, wheat, and rye don’t offer the molecular structure of what we source for our supplement. Simply put, just eating these foods isn’t going to provide nearly the immune-fighting power of 1,3/1,6-D Beta-Glucan, the ONLY Beta-Glucan used in B-GLucan85Plus.

To keep your immune system as strong as possible, sourcing matters!

If you are trying to increase your intake of Beta-Glucans and need to accommodate a gluten sensitivity, see what your doctor says about adding a Beta-Glucan supplement such as B-Glucan85Plus to your daily routine.


A gluten-free Beta-Glucan supplement might be the answer

You need to be sure of exactly what you are putting into your body. Because some Beta-Glucan food sources are not gluten-free, being sure that you’re getting the recommended daily amount of Beta-Glucan without upsetting your Celiac or gluten sensitivities is of the utmost importance.

And to be honest, who wants to eat nothing but oats all the time? (as much as we love oatmeal, you can’t get the same immune-boosting impacts as you can from our supplement)

A Beta-Glucan supplement might be just the answer you’re looking for. Supplements offer a range of benefits, stemming from their ability to provide specific doses, ingredients, and purity levels that aren’t always guaranteed in the foods you buy at the store.

At Haka Life Nutrition, we take care in using only all-natural, pure ingredients in our B-Glucan85Plus daily supplement. We use the VERY important molecular chain of 1,3/1,6-D, sourced from The Netherlands. There is much data to support the importance of this chain, stemming from the fact that your body assimilates this chain in an optimum manner that circulates the immunity-boosting benefits. 

Not only is this supplement safe for gluten sensitivities, but the ingredient list is also as simple as can be (with the added bonus of being both pronounceable and quite tempting):

  • Beta-Glucan ⅓,⅙-D
  • Organic Echinacea purpurea herb
  • Organic Elderberry Fruit Powder
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3

Simple, effective, and largely organic. And because it’s a supplement, the ingredients are extracted from their source and leave behind any ingredients that may be harmful to certain dietary restrictions, including gluten sensitivities.

You probably noticed the ⅓,⅙-D listed after our hero ingredient, Beta-Glucan. This signifies the molecular strain that is extracted into our supplement, giving you a more pure level of the ingredient, which we guarantee to be at least 85% pure — well above the 70% benchmark set by many other supplements out there. 

With one daily dose, you’re getting 600 mg of B-Glucan85Plus immunity blend + 90 mg of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Zinc. No hidden ingredients, and no gluten. The supplement also has the powerhouse ingredients of Elderberry and Echinacea.

This is so important, in fact, that it’s worth taking a deeper look at why some supplements are superior to others. While many contain the same primary active ingredients, also known as “hero” ingredients, what separates the good from the mediocre often comes down to those other ingredients — what we call fillers – and also the purity of the product which we guarantee to be 85% or higher on each batch

Many of the negative side effects and unhealthy traits of some supplements are derived from the filler ingredients, which act as a preservative or without actually adding anything of real health value. 

Sometimes this is for marketing purposes, other times it’s to meet certain requirements — but rarely do fillers make the situation better from a health perspective.

That’s why at Haka Life Nutrition, we wanted our B-Glucan85+ supplement to be all-natural, with a small list of core ingredients and nothing that could be described as a filler. Everything here is there for a reason, and your immune system stands to benefit. 

We hope you’ll consider Glucan85Plus to meet your beta-glucan needs, without upsetting gluten sensitivities. It’s time to take control of your health.

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