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Haka Life Warrior Spotlight: Vickie Learned About GLX3 and Enjoyed Her Vacation

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Discover how Green-Lipped Mussel Oil keeps Vickie pain-free and mobile!

Members of the Haka Life Family often share their success stories with us, but Vickie’s story is really remarkable. As someone with chronic joint pain, Vickie knew her vacation flight to Australia might cause some issues. What she didn’t know, however, was that it would cause a flare-up so intense that it would make it impossible for her to even walk.

That’s right. She was finally in beautiful Australia ready to enjoy her month-long vacation and she ended up being bedbound. Luckily, a local pharmacy would make a suggestion that would change the course of her pain forever.



GLX3 Helped Reduce Vickie’s Pain and Increased Mobility

Her husband visited a local pharmacy and the chemist there strongly suggested that she try Green-Lipped Mussel Oil. Within just three days of starting it, Vickie was up and walking around again. This allowed her to enjoy their entire vacation and she even continued taking it upon returning home until she felt that there was nothing wrong anymore. That’s remarkable!

Today, Vickie knows how important green-lipped mussels are to her chronic pain. Whenever she stops using it, her pain gradually returns and she experiences severe inflammation and poor mobility. Now that she knows how well it works, she’s committed to taking it regularly. 

“It feels good to live and enjoy life to the fullest. So, I will stay on it and enjoy it. Thanks so much for the product!”

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