5 Early Lupus Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

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You might think lupus is easy to identify by looking for the butterfly-shaped facial rash, but there are many other early lupus signs and symptoms you should keep an eye out for.

If you want to stay ahead of inflammatory diseases, you’ve got to stay vigilant.

But don’t worry:

Your body is a pretty good communicator when things go wrong.  Just be ready to listen to it and look out for these 5 signs, then start healing with something natural. (Green lipped mussels anyone?)

Read on to see the signs!  

What is Lupus?

Much like arthritis, lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease caused by an overactive immune system attacking healthy cells in any of the body’s organ systems. Inflammation and internal pain in organs and joints are common and present in cycles of remission and flare-ups.  Discomfort is felt on a spectrum, with some patients experiencing only mild discomfort while others have more severe symptoms.

Signs start in the late teen to early adult years.  You’ll probably ignore them or attribute them to something else, as they are similar to symptoms of other issues.

Check out our list of # symptoms to get a jump on treating lupus!

1. Fatigue

We often start lists of inflammatory disease signs and symptoms with fatigue because it is often shrugged aside as being caused by something else.  Studies show over 80% of patients with lupus complain of fatigue, and this means more than just restlessness:

Fatigue results in more sleep disturbances, a lower level of energy, obesity due to inactivity, and increased depression.  

Speak to your doctor about natural ways to improve your energy levels, and grab our free list of Inflammation-Fighting Foods to help prevent fatigue from slowing you down!

2. Skin Rash

The malar rash appears like a butterfly across the face and occurs in up to 60% of lupus patients and often presents itself just before a flare-up.  Those with lupus tend to suffer from photosensitivity to UV rays, and getting too much sun can make already present lupus symptoms worse.

Other symptoms include lesions or rashes on other areas of the body, and fingernail or toenail discoloration can occur.

3. Fever

Periods of low-grade fever could indicate an oncoming flare-up.  In one study, scientists found this degree of fever often indicated infection in lupus patients.

When your temperature is floating between 98.5F and 101F without any other explanation for the increase, you’ll want to see your doctor and check for an inflammatory disease like lupus.

4. Nephritis (Inflamed Kidneys)

Renal involvement refers to a disease that affects the kidneys, and nephritis is a serious manifestation of lupus signs and symptoms.  It requires a confident and accurate diagnosis, as the treatments are potentially toxic. To do so, a kidney biopsy is often required.

Signs and symptoms you can watch out for yourself include:

  • Increased need to urinate
  • Dark urine
  • Blood present in urine
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain in your sides where your kidneys are located.

These symptoms occur as a result of the kidneys’ inability to process and filter toxins and waste due to inflammation. Lupus nephritis is a serious condition, so report any of these symptoms to your doctor right away.    

Though they are much more effective than in past decades, a balance must still be struck between the treatments and their harmful side effects.  

5. Inflammation in Joints: The Lupus-Arthritis Connection

Stiff, swollen joints are a trademark sign of most inflammatory diseases, and lupus is no exception. In fact, arthritis is one of the most common manifestations of lupus.

A study showed people who carry a mutated STAT4 gene have twice the risk of getting lupus and a 60% greater risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis!

If you feel pain in your joints and experience a decreased range in motion, schedule an appointment so your physician can determine the cause of these symptoms.

Is Lupus Fatal?

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, ‘Lupus is not a disease that is universally fatal to all. The majority of people with lupus today can expect to live a normal lifespan.’

Severe flare-ups and manifestations involving the kidneys or other internal organ systems can increase risk of death if left untreated, but don’t worry:

There are many measures you can take, both natural and pharmaceutical, to help prevent severe symptoms from occurring.

Prevent Lupus Symptoms: Natural Lupus Treatments

While there are many over-the-counter and prescription medicines to deal with lupus symptoms, you can start taking action today!

  1. DO eat foods high in anti-inflammatory Omega-3s like flax seeds and salmon.  Download our list of Anti-Inflammatory Foods to take shopping with you.
  2. DON’T eat foods that increase inflammation, like dairy products or processed sugar.
  3. DO add in an all-natural Omega-3 and Vitamin E green lipped mussel supplement like GLX 3 to reduce inflammation, reduce fever, and encourage healthy organ functioning!  

Fight against lupus symptoms without the side effects of toxic medications and get back to living life on your terms! 

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