Omega 3 Deficiency

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If you are suffering from arthritis pain or other joint inflammation, you know how frustratingly painful it can be to get through each day. Likely, you’re also wondering what can possibly be done to reduce joint pain and inflammation and get back to doing the things you love. It’s a struggle that certainly isn’t going to vanish overnight, but luckily there is one main thing that you can address: Omega-3 deficiency.

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats, EPA and DHA, that reduce inflammation and keep the body functioning properly. While we’ve all heard about how bad it can be to eat a high-fat diet, Omega-3s are the one exception – especially for those with arthritis. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main signs of Omega-3 deficiency and what you can do to get back on track.

Inflamed situations like arthritis and acne

Omega-3 fatty acids help to minimize and counteract inflammation. If you’re not getting enough, you may notice these symptoms such as worsening arthritis, acne, eczema, or others. A great way to counter this is to add more olive oil into your diet, along with FOODS THAT ARE HIGH IN OMEGA-3s.

Another surefire way to increase intake is to use a New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil such as GLX3. This supplement hits with a triple whammy of Green Lipped Mussels, naturally high in Omega-3s, as well as New Zealand Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil – both of which offer immense benefits for inflammation.

Excessive thirst

The first step here is to make sure you are drinking enough water – eight glasses per day. If you are and still notice excessive thirst, adding more Omega-3 fatty acids through diet and supplement may be a good option.

Inability to keep the ears wax-free

This is another key signal of Omega-3 deficiency. Even if arthritis isn’t swelling up to excessive levels and you are able to move about rather well, having too much ear wax can mean that your Omega-3 levels are still out of whack. Adding more is a long-term answer, but there are also a few short-term solutions to consider:

  • Use an eye-dropper to apply baby oil or mineral oil.
  • Warm water can help as well, as it loosens the wax and makes it easier to wipe away with a towel.
  • Add warm water to the paper towel before swiping. Often, warm water may not work right away, especially if applied directly to the ear. But by warming the paper towel, the swipe may become more affective.

It’s important to note that Omega-3 deficiency can also cause nails to lose their strength and durability. If you notice brittle nails in addition to or instead of excessive ear wax, a fatty acid shortage may be to blame. Infections and easily acquired wounds are another common sign, as your body isn’t able to strengthen these areas to the proper point.


A shampoo that directly targets dandruff is highly recommended here, in addition to upping your Omega-3 intake levels. GLX3 is a strong option for those that either don’t want to or can’t use a dandruff-specific shampoo, as it will target the Omega-3 deficiency from the inside out and address the problem at its roots (pun intended!)

Mood balance shifts

Diet has a huge impact on a person’s mood. We strongly recommend making your regular diet as healthy as possible, including regular consumption of the foods we described in this article.

You may also notice an uncanny desire for unhealthy, guilty pleasure type foods – this is something that happens when the body is out of whack. The more unhealthy the lifestyle, the harder it can be to dig out of it and get back to living healthy, reducing joint pain and inflammation, and feeling great.

I know, we sound like a boring drum here, but eating healthy and adding a supplement like GLX3 to your lifestyle is so important to your overall happiness and feeling! Everything from allergies to immunity to how much happiness you are able to take from positive situations starts with health – and there’s no shortcutting it.

Overall body health starts (and ends) with the 3 D’s: Diet, Discipline, and Dedication

We hope you’ll take a moment to browse around our education section here at GLX3, there are a number of articles that target specific areas of Omega-3 deficiency and offer tips on how to get back in the swing of things. Like joint pain and inflammation, Omega-3 deficiency doesn’t have to sideline you from doing the things you love! Be proactive, be disciplined, and don’t ever give up – improving the balance of Omega-3 fatty acids can make a huge difference.

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