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Can Green-Lipped Mussel Increase Fertility?

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This week, the GLX3 Added Benefits Series looks at this question: Can Green Lipped Mussel Oil increase fertility? This topic is an interesting one – does taking a supplement help you become more fertile? 

There are two big benefits, one in men and one in women, that come from Green Lipped Mussel Oil use:

  • Men may notice that their sperm becomes thicker and stickier.
  • Women may notice an increase in cervical mucus.

That’s the short story of it. Oh, and increased blood flow. That plays a big part as well. But we wanted to know more, so we looked deeper at how Green Lipped Mussel Oil can increase fertility. Let’s take a gander.

Healthy foods, vitamins, and nutrients complement each other

That’s right – they all work in tandem to improve overall health, fertility being included in the pack. Are you eating your fruits and vegetables? Choosing wheat bread instead of white? Doubling up on the red wine to get those resveratrol and proanthocyanidin antioxidants?

We’re just joking on that last one (maybe . . .) It should have read ‘Taking your Omega-3 supplement?’

Sometimes it takes a team to solve major problems. Increasing fertility is one of those times. If you haven’t thought about the full-circle effects of the nutritional choices you’re making, now is a good time to begin doing so.

When visiting a doctor to discuss fertility issues, he or she will likely bring up the subject of diet. A healthy diet helps the process of increasing fertility in both genders and helps boost a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. Harvard Health notes that healthy fats, in addition to vitamins, vegetables, and whole grains, can make a big difference.

These parts of a healthy diet work in tandem to help the human body function at optimum levels. Listen to your doctor!

Increasing fertility requires the entire body

Just like it takes a complete diet to improve health, it takes the entire body to boost fertility. Complete foods such as New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels are an important part of a complete health overhaul, pun intended. The other articles in our GLX3 Added Benefits Series cover the ways this supplement can help you, and we strongly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

All things considered, a healthy immune system and diet really help with increasing fertility. It’s one of those ‘one thing leads to the next’ type of situations.

Essential Fatty Acids Assist With A Healthy Pregnancy

Here’s a kicker to this whole scenario: having an abundant supply of essential fatty acids (EFAs) is a vital part of not only increasing fertility and the odds of getting pregnant, but of having a healthy pregnancy.

Omega-3s are among the most beneficial of the fatty acids, helping blood flow throughout the body and ensuring that everything from joints to limbs functions properly.

While pregnant, EFAs help the baby’s brain, eyes, and heart develop correctly. Keep omega-3s as part of your steady diet while pregnancy as the nutrients is passed on to the baby.

A lack of proper nutrients can have long-term negative effects on an infant, stretching far beyond the pregnancy itself. The baby will begin to draw nutrients from the mother’s personal stores, having negative health consequences for her in the long run.

EFAs also assist with increasing the chances of a smooth, on-time delivery.

Additionally, as noted by the website Natural Fertility Info, Omega-3s have been shown to be instrumental in preventing other issues from arising during and after pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia and postpartum depression, in particular.

For mothers not eating fish at least once per week, an Omega-3 supplement such as GLX3 provides the recommended amounts of the EFA to see the benefits. Of course, speak with your doctor regarding the proper amount of your situation.

Essential Fatty Acids Help Men Increase Blood Flow Throughout To Vital Areas

When men wonder how to boost fertility, the Omega-3s found in Green Lipped Mussel Oil can help them too. Men need proper blood flow in order to perform their duties in a sexual relationship.

There are a number of causes of erectile dysfunction and poor blood flow. We’re not promising that our product is the instant cure here . . . but Omega-3s do help blood flow and have been shown to be beneficial to the proper functioning of the sexual organs.

Male impotence and erectile dysfunction are sometimes the results of narrowed arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. Abdominal arteries provide blood flow to a man’s reproductive organs. These arteries experience dilation during a typical erection.

Problems can result from any obstructions along the way.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil is a natural remedy for increasing blood flow and circulation. It goes without saying that this plays a huge role in increasing fertility.

Whole body, whole health

The biggest point we’re trying to stress in this article is this: increasing fertility takes effort on multiple fronts. Green Lipped Mussel Oil can serve as an all-star player on your team. You’ve taken a big step in beginning the research process. Now, take it up a notch and put together a plan of action.

We’re here to help and sincerely hope that you’ll consider making Green Lipped Mussel Oil part of that plan. Whole body health is an ongoing journey. Get started today by taking the first step. GLX3 is the best, most effective green-lipped mussel supplement on the market, made from only the purest of ingredients.

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