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GLX3 - Extra Strength Green Lipped Mussel Oil
Mary Grable (Kailua-Kona, US)
Great for arthritis pain

GLX 3 has helped me more than any other supplement with my joint and arthritis pain.

Desperate for pain relief

Over the last 8 years I tried so many supplements/ products to help reduce bone on bone knee pain. Finally I found GLX3….
AND THIS WORKS FOR ME! GLX3 has given me comfort and has increased my mobility more than I expected.Now at 76 I’m comfortable doing all I used to do years ago.

Love my GLX3!

I’ve been taking a fish oil type supplement for years and felt like I needed to switch it up. I did by trying GLX3 and I’m so glad I did. I feel so much better and can move more easily.

Bonus Discount 1 Bottle - One Time Purchase

Crazy energy, less pain

I put my 13 year old dog on this supplement to ease arthritis pain and in 2 weeks he was running around like a puppy again! I tried it and transformed from couch potato to an actual energetic human being at 43 years old. Eased chronic pain to make it liveable too. Highly recommend, this stuff is gold!!!

How Green-Lipped Mussels Can Boost the Nervous System

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Many people choose to add a supplement or specialty food to their diet in order to see a specific health benefit. Often more than one benefit is desired, and a doctor or nutritionist may recommend a specific supplement to improve the body’s general functioning.

One thing that is often overlooked is finding supplements that benefit the nervous system. Green Lipped Mussel Oil is one of the most effective of such dietary additions. For long term health, It is vital to optimize nerve functionality.

Studies continue to demonstrate that Green Lipped Mussel Oil can help nerve cells function better. Many also have seen stronger bone tissue and muscle – so there’s an aesthetic benefit as well.

We all want to see better digestion, agility, state of mind, and circulation – and a properly functioning nervous system is the best way to get there. Let’s take a look at how Green Lipped Mussel Oil supplements can benefit the nervous system, and the long-term advantages of working them into your daily routine.

What is the nervous system?

In the medical field, there is all kinds of talk about the nervous system. But what exactly are those doctors and nurses referring to? Simply put, the nervous system is made up of nerves and cells. They are the path with which messages are sent to and from the brain and throughout the body.

There are two parts here: the Peripheral nervous system and the Central nervous system. The brain and spinal cord make up the Central nervous system. Damaged tissue, poor circulation, and lack of proteins and nutrients can all have a negative effect on how the nervous system functions.

What is it in the mussels that actually helps the nervous system?

These lean mussels from the eastern coast of New Zealand are chock full of iron and protein. Improved nerve stimulation throughout requires a proper intake of protein and minerals, and that’s exactly what you’re getting here. Instead of expensive powders and medical treatments, Green Lipped Mussel Oil is a natural way to do your inner-body good.

Some are a bit confused about what exactly Green Lipped Mussels are, and how they are processed. THIS ARTICLE will break that down for you. We’d still like to note that consuming mussels is a bit different from consuming other types of seafood. The way this product is raised and processed ensures that only beneficial nutrients make it into the GLX3 pills. There’s no fishy smell or aftertaste – even those with a disdain for seafood can enjoy this supplement right away.

Enjoyment is so much easier when you’re feeling better. With better nerve stimulation, vital organs within the body are able to function at a higher level. It’s kind of like a circle of health – the body absorbs the nutrients from the Green Lipped Mussel Oil. It then circulates them, distributing the nutrients and proteins throughout the system. Organs, circulation, and nerves become healthier, stronger, and more efficient. With ongoing use of the product, the body continues to benefit. The nervous system becomes stronger over time, helping organs to function better and better.

Think of it as the ultimate win-win situation!

Boosting the nervous system helps the entire body.

A number of scientific studies have been conducted to determine the health benefits of Green Lipped Mussel Oil. Many continue to find surprising results – in its strengthening of the nervous system, this ‘complete food’ can actually benefit the entire body. Let’s take a look at a few key areas where you may see a noticeable change:

  • Mood- With continued use of Green Lipped Mussel Oil, many find it easier to be in a pleasant mood. The body self-regulates more easily, keeping emotional levels from spiking as often. This can be incredibly good for overall happiness levels! Plus, as the nervous system strengthens, users don’t have to stress quite as much about their health. This alone is enough to put a smile on my face.
  • Energy levelWhen the body is functioning well, it’s easier to maintain natural energy levels. We all know how hard that crash after the third cup of coffee can be. Green Lipped Mussel Oil can reduce the craving for so much caffeine simply and naturally.
  • MetabolismIt may seem like with each passing year, it gets harder and harder to process food and work off those calories. The metabolism naturally slows down with age, but it is possible to keep it functioning well. Green Lipped Mussel Oil’s Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins deliver nutrients that boost metabolic rates and help the body process foods faster and easier.

Stronger nervous system lowers the risk of disease.

Proper nerve functioning also works in concert with good circulation to reduce the chances of heart attacks and other issues that can result from poor blood flow.

Keeping the blood flowing well is important to total body health, even if a person follows a healthy diet. Poor circulation can lead to a variety of issues down the line. To enhance vitality levels and the speed of recuperating, and in addition anticipating heart assaults and atherosclerosis, lipped mussel can be an extraordinary decision. Green Lipped Mussel Oil supplements deliver minerals which help to fortify the bloodstream and strengthen cardiovascular (heart) system.

Improving the nervous system to improve your life.

The nervous system includes your brain, and as such is perhaps the most important part of your body. Keeping it healthy and functioning at a high level is key to long-term health and happiness.

Because of your nervous system, you are able to experience life from an emotional standpoint. Love yourself, take care of yourself, and you can experience true happiness. Without the nervous system, there’s no way to process sights, sounds, tastes, touches, and smells.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil isn’t the one-and-done cure-all for all that ails your body. But it has been shown in many clinical studies to have a significant impact on inflammation and other health issues. If you are considering a supplement to boost both the nervous system and overall body function, we encourage you to consider our Green-Lipped Mussel Oil supplement, GLX3.


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