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Quick Results….

By the end of the second week, I could definitely feel some genuine goodness happening in my joints which led to an overall good vibe in my psychological department!! Thx for the relief in more ways than oNe!! Can’t wait to try some of your other products!! 😉

Stan - this is AMMAZING news and thank you for taking the time to let us know :). Keep it up!! And very happy to hear about the 'Happy' psychological aspect - we surely believe the mind has great powers and when you are feeling good your mind is easily able to follow and the rest gets better and better.

Pain reliever/ Mood builder

I am on my second bottle of GLX3. Have had rheumatoid arthritis from a child and now 70yrs old. Have Always been on serious meds to improve quality of life. My pain levels have started been reducing so I added another daily dosage
to help speed up the process. Extremely satisfied so far. Thank you for an excellent product.

Michaelf- Miami

Hi Michael - wow. This is AMAZING to hear and I am so happy for you. Keep it up and let us know if we can support in any other ways :)



Hi Layla! Yes! We are very happy to hear this - something we try and let folks know of how truly different Mussel Oil is than your standard 'fish oil' :) Keep it up!

GLX3 Green Lipped Mussel Oil Bottle
Melanie Owens (Greensboro, US)
I have gotten more energy

Love feeling better

Love Green lipped muscles

I suffer with joint pain /arthritis & when i consistently take Haka Life, I do not have the problem. I know many people may say the same but you will need to try for yourself

Debra!! GREAT news!!! Thanks for the review :)

GLX3 – Extra Strength Joint Pain Relief Green Lipped Mussel Oil

60 capsules ▪︎ two a day ▪︎ 30 day supply

From: $45.90 / month


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Made in New Zealand

109 Reviews

GMP Certified

FDA Registerd

Take 2 capsules per day, with food. PER SERVING
Green Lipped Mussel Oil
(Perna canaliculus)


New Zealand Olive Oil


Vitamin E Oil


GLX3 omega-3 is a pure, strong and effective omega-3 supplement, made from pure green-lipped mussel oil. Compared to fish oils and alternative omega-3 supplements, GLX3 is superior in every way.

GLX3 mussel oil is a pure and natural New Zealand nutritional supplement containing only 3 natural ingredients.

  • New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil (Omega-3)
  • New Zealand Olive Oil
  • New Zealand Vitamin E

GLX3 by Haka Life Nutrition is manufactured without GMO’s, without fillers, without gluten, and without mercury.

Green-lipped mussels are the only known source of eicosatetraenoic acids (ETAs) – a powerful and relatively unknown chain of Omega-3. These fats are particularly abundant in the green-lipped mussel compared to other fish oils!

GLX3 replaces your omega-3 fish oil supplement, your antioxidant supplement, and your vitamin E supplement. Taking this into consideration along with the quality, bioavailability, purity, and sustainability, you get an enormous extra value in one capsule

If you take cheaper fish oil or other omega-3 fatty acids that aren’t pure, these cheap oils can even harm your body instead of helping it. The same applies to purified oils that have been denatured. They may be pure, but they are not useful for the body and can also be harmful.

Are you looking for a high-quality omega 3 supplement that combines all the important omega 3 fats in one capsule? Then put our ultra-pure and extra strong green lipped mussel oil capsules in your shopping cart now

Made of only 3 all-natural ingredients:


Green Lipped Mussels contain ALL known Omega-3s, not just two or three as many fish oils do. In fact, 30 free fatty acids including EPA, OTA, DHA, and ETA. This whole food form of green lipped mussel oil makes GLX3 potent and bioactive, even at smaller serving sizes. The body is able to absorb and utilize the polar phospholipids found in green lipped mussel oil easily and effectively without having to convert the omega-3 into bio-available forms.


New Zealand Olive Oil 

New Zealand Olive Oil – Just like our Green Lipped Mussel oil used in GLX3, we use only New Zealand grown and produced olive oil to increase shelf life and provide additional benefits! No cheap fillers with possible negative side effects. New Zealand olives are sustainably grown and harvested from the slopes of what many view as natures cleanest environment.


Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil – another benefit-laden ingredient that further stabilizes and helps to increase the benefits of GLX3. Antioxidant properties of Vitamin E are its primary benefit to humans. These antioxidants remove the unstable cell-structure damaging compounds known as free radicals.

Why take GLX3?


Never heated and gently extracted to keep all nutrients in tact.


We manufacture everything from the bottle to the capsule in New Zealand – where the laws on nutritional supplements are incredibly strict.


Good for you, good for the earth! 


Tiny gelcaps made easy to swallow.  Fit two servings on one penny!


Don’t be fooled by a cheap “green lipped mussel” supplement.  GLX3 is extracted oil, our waste product is what is known as “freeze dried” in other supplements.


All 3 of our ingredients are natural and free of all synthetics or fillers…and NSAIDS!

What our customers say…

“I say, like two weeks after I received the product and I started taking it, I started noticing relief. Like, I would get up in the morning and get out of the bed and I didn’t feel that pressure or that pain.” – Tonya

“Within 3 days, I was walking and continued the entire vacation of nearly a month.” – Vickie

“After about 10 days, I noticed that I was able to blow dry my hair without any pain… and I was able to grip a spatula, or a tool in the kitchen without any pain and I am now completely pain free!” – Leah

“About a week later, he came to me and told me that he had no pain in his thumbs, which is absolutely amazing because that had never happened before.” – Michelle

Create a
better planet

We believe in making a difference and caring about the world around us. It should be easy for you to make the healthier, ethical choice, and now it is.

All our products contain the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients from sustainable sounds in New Zealand. They’re more easily absorbed, free of allergens and are backed with our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Flexible and


Subscribe each month so you never run out – cancel, pause or reschedule your orders at any time! We promise to make it as easy to cancel your subscription as it is to start your subscription 🙂


Is green lipped mussel oil better than fish oil?

Great question which is often asked! GLX3 with Green Lipped Mussel Oil is far superior to any fish or krill oi for many reasons and here are a few: 1. GLX3 contains 30 free fatty acids in GLX3 vs only 3 in common Fish Oil 2. Ready to Use.. GLX3 and Green Lipped Mussels are Bio-available to the human body. Even if you were to take the MUCH higher quantity of fish oil vs. GLM your body would need to have similar amounts of available Omega-3’s, your body would just let most of the fatty acids pass through your system. The Omega-3’s in GLX3 are ready for your body to use immediately. 3. No Mercury! GLX3 mussels are grown and harvested in some of the cleanest natural waters on earth in New Zealand. They cannot absorb mercury, heavy metals, chemicals, or farm or human population runoff because it simply doesn’t exist in their environment. 4. Sustainable! While humans are over-fishing virtually EVERY fish in the ocean, and harvesting vast amounts of krill (the basic food source for most marine life) has unknown future impact, GLX3 mussels are aquaculture farmed. These mussels are constantly replenished by sustainable farming methods. Read More

How does the GLX3 guarantee work?

Our guarantee is simple! Take GLX3 for up to 90 days (and you really must give it up to 30 days to see results) and if you don’t believe you are getting the results you were seeking, or you simply just forget to take them, we will refund your purchase in full. No hoops to jump through, no “retention specialists”. We truly want you to experience success with GLX3. If you are not happy, we are not happy and will return your purchase price in full. We can offer this because we believe we have the best Omega-3 product on the planet. And our results speak for themselves…we rarely are asked for refund. Read More

Why does GLX3 come in a dark glass bottle? Wouldn't plastic be cheaper?

We are committed to offering a sustainable, earth friendly product. Our green lipped mussels are aqua-cultured in a pristine environment, and we do not raid the oceans basic food source for larger marine creatures by over harvesting from wild populations. We ship in glass bottles to assure no BPA plastics ever are created or affect your gelcaps. The dark glass bottle serves to keep GLX3 from intense light that could harm the product, and it is fully recyclable including the capYes plastic would be cheaper, but it wouldn’t be better. We have chosen to absorb the cost of glass by lowering our margin, so it is not any more expensive to you.Read More

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Michael Irving (Seward, US)

GLX3 - Extra Strength Joint Pain Relief Green Lipped Mussel Oil