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Haka Life Warrior Spotlight: Discover how Walter reduced debilitating joint pain with GLX3

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Discover how Walter reduced debilitating joint pain and got off prescription meds with GLX3!

Members of the Haka Life family have done some pretty amazing things, and Walter’s story is just one of them. As the project manager of a construction company, he lives a very active life. Plus, outdoor activities like golfing and hunting are some of his favorite pastimes. So, when his joints started hurting, it immediately impacted his everyday life. 


It all started roughly four years ago. Walter was returning from a vacation in Mexico when he started experiencing acute joint pain in his right knee. Previously, he’d undergone surgery on that knee, so he initially believed that hard work and recreation had strained it again.

His orthopedic doctor ordered an MRI, but the pain grew and he began experiencing acute pain in both hip joints. After that, it migrated along the right side of his body to his right wrist, right shoulder, and then even his left shoulder. At that point, his doctor no longer believed it was just an orthopedic issue.

Walter’s Journey with Joint Pain and Prescriptions

He began a week-long prescription of prednisone to manage the pain. The dose started high and then slowly tapered down to nothing over the course of the week. The pain did go away, so his doctor recommended he see a rheumatologist. 

As is often the case, it took months for Walter to see a rheumatologist. Unfortunately, while he was waiting, the pain got worse and worse. It got to the point where he “was walking around like an 85-year-old man.” He couldn’t put his shirt or coat on by himself, he couldn’t raise his arms above his head, and he essentially lost the use of his right wrist and hand.

Once he saw a rheumatologist, he was prescribed regular prednisone, “that made the pain manageable but still pretty bad.” After a year of that, he was then put on another medication—methotrexate. Neither of these prescription medications is good for your body over a long period of time. Long-term use of them can have a negative impact on both bones and joints. 

However, after being on methotrexate for roughly six or seven months, he attempted to taper off of the prednisone. While Walter was able to reduce his prednisone use, he couldn’t get completely off of it without the pain coming back. That’s when, one early morning, he saw an infomercial for GLX3.

GLX3 Reduced Walter’s Joint Pain

“I listened to the testimonials and thought it couldn’t hurt to give this a try.”

That was two years ago! His results weren’t instant, but within a few weeks, he started noticing that his joint pain was much better.

It doesn’t stop there though! When his rheumatologist noticed the progress he’d made, he asked what Walter was doing differently. He seemed skeptical when Walter told him about green-lipped mussel oil, but the progress was undeniable. Eventually, he asked Walter for more details so he could tell some of his other patients about GLX3 for their joint pain as well!

Today, Walter has been off prednisone and methotrexate for about a year and three months. He faithfully takes GLX3 and plans to continue taking it indefinitely. 

Try GLX3 and Join the Haka Life Family Today!

If you or someone you know might benefit from GLX3, don’t wait. You could experience the same results that Walter did—less pain! 

Already experiencing positive effects from GLX3? Tell us about it! Whether you want to write a review or send in a video, we can’t wait to hear from you. 

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Every body may be different, but everybody deserves health and wellness.”

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