What Should I Look for In a Supplement

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If you’ve been following the GLX3 blog, you know that we’re a health-centric bunch around here. Our goal is to help you obtain better whole body health through conscious decisions like diet, exercise, stretching, and of course, the benefits of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

Even if you’re feeling good about the health-related choices you’ve made of late, it never hurts to keep learning and keep reading. This is particularly true regarding supplements. There’s just so much information out there that it can be confusing to know which ones you actually need to take. On top of that, what should I look for in a supplement?

Today we’re going to take a look at what top supplements offer that sets them apart from the rest.

What else is in that pill?

Most supplements are designed to benefit you in a certain or specific way. The active ingredients are there for that purpose. This is all well and good – hopefully you’re even seeing the benefits of those ingredients.

But it’s not the key activators that we’re concerned about. Rather, many of the unhealthy side effects and/or attributes of many supplements lie in the fillers. The other ingredients, preservatives, or fillers that you’re putting into your body, possibly without even realizing that they are there.

Considering that many of us are on certain diets, exercise routines, or are taking other steps to be healthy. A lot of supplements contain gluten, hydrogenated oils, or a number of other unhealthy ingredients.

Why? To take up space, meet certain requirements, or a number of other reasons. Maybe adding that gluten is just cheaper than including more of the actual active ingredient.

Supplement manufacturers are in it for the money just like any other business, and many are willing to cut corners in order to drive more profits.

The truth is that not all supplements are created equal. Which leads us to our next point.

Not everything is as it seems

I firmly remember my Mom spending what seemed to be an excruciating amount of time looking at ingredient and nutrition labels. As a kid, my main goal at the grocery store was to get the free cookie from the bakery and get out of there as fast as possible. But it all makes sense now.

Marketing is a tricky game. Not everything is as it seems, or as it’s advertised to be. When it comes to what you should look for in a supplement, start with these things:

  • The supplement has a visible ingredient list. Check the list to see if there are any surprises on there. Here at GLX3, we are very upfront with our ingredients because there aren’t any hidden additives. Green Lipped Mussel Oil, New Zealand Olive Oil, and Vitamin D Oil. That’s it.
  • Where they get their ingredients from. Olive oil from New Zealand is different than olive oil from other places, and plays a specific role in our supplement. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels and New Zealand Olive Oil just seem to go together, you know? There’s a reason it’s there! Be wary of supplements with multiple ingredients sourced from vastly different places, or of supplements that won’t tell you where the ingredients are sourced from.
  • Make sure the supplement isn’t going to trigger any allergies or reactions for you. This may require speaking with a doctor or reviewing medical records. The supplement is supposed to help you, not set you back!

What should I look for in a supplement?

Generally, it’s important to look for quality ingredients. It is also imperative that you buy your supplement from a brand you trust. Trustworthy brands are up-front about what is in their products, how it will help, and – here’s the kicker – if there are any reasons why someone with a certain allergy or condition should not take their product.

For example, if you have a fish allergy, our supplement might not be the best option for you, nor are others like Krill Oil or fish oil.

We also recommend speaking with a doctor about dosage requirements, and any other factors to be aware of for your personal situation.

A brand’s honesty should be as pure as their ingredients. That is what you should look for in a supplement.


Hopefully, we’ve answered your question of ‘What should I look for in a supplement?’ When shopping for a supplement online, browse around their website a bit and see what you can find out. Do you get a good vibe, or does it seem like they’re trying to rip you off?

If it’s the latter, keep going with your search. There IS a better product out there. The extra time you spend vetting a supplement will pay off multiple times over when the one you end up purchasing actually provides the desired result.

It’s never too late to start out on the path towards better whole body health. It takes action on many levels – from exercise to diet to stretching and even getting proper sleep. A quality supplement can be a part of your journey, and help you feel better each morning when you wake up. Just make sure you choose the best option!

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