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5 Steps To A Happier You

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5 Steps To A Happier You

It’s time for a bit of personal reflection. What can you do this week to make YOU happier? We wish we had the answers to all of your problems, but sadly that isn’t true. But what we do have are some tips on how you can overhaul your daily routine to optimize happiness and well-being.

Some people need to slow down and relax. Others might be looking for a superfood to boost immunity or the best supplements for joint health. These 10 steps to a happier you are designed to cover all aspects of happiness, inside and out.

  • Take charge of your emotions

Easier said than done, right? It doesn’t have to be. Our thoughts sometimes get out of control and it is incredibly hard to reel them back in. Here are some techniques to try:

  • If you can’t sleep, try to slow your mind down by recounting 5 positive things that happened the previous day. Unstable sleep or not being able to relax enough to fall asleep are often caused by our mind not being able to slow down or being focused on negative thoughts. By thinking about the positives that happened, you can switch the paradigm and allow your mind to rest easier.
  • If you’re feeling self-conscious, try a generous act of gratitude. It’s amazing how good it feels to know you’ve helped someone else – and how little you care about what others might think when you know you did the right thing.
  • Start the day by doing something that makes you happy. Then your mind will be in the right place as you head into work, run the kids around town, or whatever else in on the day’s agenda.


  • Stand your ground

We’re not talking about going out and starting an argument with someone you don’t agree with. What we mean here is that happiness can be derived by knowing you are living your life the way you feel is right.

Self-fulfillment can be taken from getting through a day, or even a specific situation, by letting your personal values be your guide. Identify your convictions and use them to get through the day.


  • Eating a healthy diet

You’ve probably heard this your entire life. But it’s as true now as it was during childhood. A healthy diet helps your body function properly. It also helps to control stress and emotions. It even helps you sleep better.

The FDA’s food pyramid is a great place to start. It helps with building a balanced diet and ensuring you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbs. Many adults aren’t even close, and are merely adding to any work or financial stress they’re under. Building a better diet isn’t easy at first, but it’s surprising how much you actually begin to crave healthy foods once your body is used to them.

More good news? A healthy diet allows for a bit of wiggle room now and then. That candy bar isn’t always a no-no, as long as you’re getting proper nutrition and aren’t overloading on fats!


  • ‘Supplement’ing your healthy diet

Now that you’re working on eating healthier, why not add an extra dose of goodness into your diet by adding an appropriate dietary supplement? There are a number to choose from.

Look for a supplement that is all-natural and doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients. Also, it helps to do a bit of research on which vitamins and minerals will best benefit your body.

Maybe a choline supplement will help improve brain and liver functionality. If your joints crack frequently, GLX3 is perfect for those suffering from joint pain and inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, or who just need to add essential Omega-3 fatty acids into their diet. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil pills are among the best supplements for joint health.


  • Stay in the moment

It’s so easy to slip into a thought process that is based on things that happened in the past. Or, even worse, based on how someone involved in your past would have reacted. What is going on in front of you? What are your goals for today?

As much as you can, try to be prepared for what’s coming ahead instead of dwelling on what’s already happened. Change doesn’t start yesterday, it starts now. Many people find practicing yoga, meditation, or sticking with an exercise routine to be helpful in keeping their mind in the present. The web (and your phone’s app store) are full of apps designed to help with this. A couple we love?

  • Headspace– A daily meditation app. Learn how to center your thoughts and get into a daily routine of reflection.
  • SworkIt– Even for those on the road frequently, SworkIt makes keeping to a simple fitness routine a breeze. It’s also free, which is another big perk.


  • Fill your life with positivity

The idea of surrounding yourself with positive people is a common piece of advice. It’s also very important, as we are greatly influenced by those closest to us. But here’s one that you may not hear quite as often: it’s also helpful to fill your life with positive music, smells, and visuals. Stimulate all your senses with things that make you happy, and your bound have a positive impact on your overall happiness. Maybe it starts with an air freshener in the car or with one of those fancy new humidifiers that fill the room with scented air. Have you ever tried sleep music?

Happier, healthier, and more proud

Happiness is an ongoing journey. There are going to be good days and bad days. These steps are simply meant to help you take control of what you can so that happiness can be present in both.

We hope you’ll find these steps useful and productive, and that we’ve inspired you to do some further reading. Here at GLX3, we’re proud to be among the best supplements for joint health. Our goal is to help our customers live healthier lives and get back to doing the things they love. Onward and upward!

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