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It’s worth it 100%

I have started talking this product month ago and found it’s really good for colon i feel much better now . And tge other thing it amazing if you want to lose weight . I am really happy with this experience.


Excellace on all levels. I need wholesale pricing. Is your company privately held or is it a public company traded on stock market.....? Love your product.....!!

Making improvements for sure

Yes, I can feel an improvement with my issues.
I plan on continuing and do recommend

This is excellent news!! Thanks for your review Kathleen.

Knee pain

I've been taking 4 gel capsules a day but have not noticed knees feeling any better. Would like to know if I should double the amount I'm taking?

HI Gail - sorry to hear that but don't give up :) Yes - if you have severe pain you can try to double up the dose. We usually suggest taking 2 capsules in the AM and 2 capsules in the PM for the first 2-3 weeks...then 90% of our clients are able to go back to the one dose per day. Let us know if this helps! If it doesn't, of course we will honor our money-back guarantee :)

GLX3 Green Lipped Mussel Oil Bottle
Faustina OSAWE JEAN JUSTE (Fort Lauderdale, US)
knee pain

still in pain not working for me

Hi Faustina - So sorry to hear this! Of course 'every body is unique'. We usually suggest taking 2 capsules in the AM and 2 capsules in the PM for the first 2-3 weeks...then 90% of our clients are able to go back to the one dose per day. Let us know if this helps! If it doesn't, of course we will honor our money-back guarantee :)

What to look for in your beta-glucan supplement

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Beta-glucan supplements are growing in popularity these days, largely due to their perceived ability to strengthen the immune system. But like so many things, it’s important to keep a sharp eye when looking for a beta-glucan supplement, because not all are created equal.

In this article, we’ll break down what to look for in a beta-glucan supplement and how you can be sure you are getting the purity and genetic makeup necessary to make your immune system stronger, in an all-natural manner.

Let’s dive in!


At what stage is your immune system strongest?

This is a common question and one that of course varies by situation, but there are some concrete facts. Let’s start with the bad news: the human immune system peaks during puberty when the body is rapidly changing and growing into what it will be for a long time going forward. From there, it slowly declines as we get older, which is why the older population is typically more susceptible to having severe cases of diseases that younger people tend only to catch lighter cases of.

On a more micro-level, the immune system tends to be stronger during the summer season. Part of this stems from the increase in UV light, which is known to help fight infections. Additionally, many of us are more active in summer when the weather is warmer and we spend more time outside. The nasal immune system is deeply impacted by the cold as well, making it more likely to catch disease. 

You can often tell when your immune system is working well. Let’s say you get a minor spider or bug bite, one that isn’t poisonous but simply pesky and annoying. The itchy bump that forms is actually not just the bite causing a “reaction” in your body, it’s actually your immune system at work doing its job, effectively. 

There’s also the age-old adage of “what’s going around.” When people in the neighborhood, at work, or in the family — anywhere in your inner-circle — catch a common cold or another light ailment, but you don’t despite being in close proximity, that’s not a miracle at work. It could be that you have a stronger immune system. 


Does beta-glucan boost the immune system?

Of course, no matter how strong your immune system is, you want to do everything you can to strengthen it. One of the best ways to do so is to take a supplement intended to do just that, such as Glucan85Plus. 

The Beta-glucan in Glucan85Plus does boost the immune system and in a myriad of ways. The important thing to keep in mind is make sure you choose the right beta-glucan genetic makeup — beta-1,3/1,6-glucans, which is the only beta-glucan you will ever find in Glucan85Plus. 

Why? This is the only beta-glucan that is scientifically shown to stimulate the immune system. 


Are there different types of beta-glucan?

In addition to having the best genetic makeup, Glucan85Plus guarantees at least 85% purity in its beta-glucan, while many other supplements only guarantee 70% purity.

What’s found in a variety of common food items like oats and baker’s yeast can offer some benefit, but only beta-1,3/1,6-glucans stimulate the immune system to make it stronger in fighting disease.

Because there are many different types of beta-glucan — such as 1,3/1,4, which isn’t shown to have the immunity-boosting power — it is important that you find a source of beta-glucan that CAN help make your immune system stronger and more efficient.


The best beta glucan supplement is beta-1,3/1,6-glucan: 

Boosts immune function: Beta-1,3/1,6-glucan is clinically shown to boost immune function, making your body able to react quicker and with more force to invasive toxins and diseases. The result is a healthier you, with the ability to better fight infection. This makeup of beta-glucan is found in mushrooms, baker’s yeast, and brewer’s yeast, and in supplements that source their beta-glucan from these. All beta-1,3/1,6-glucan offers this benefit.

However, only beta-glucan sourced from baker’s yeast provides the following added benefits:

Can reduce inflammation and promote healthy inflammation response: How your body reacts to strain, pain, and wear and tear on the joints and muscles can have a significant impact on your ability to do the things you love most.

For example, if you enjoy playing tennis but find that the sport adds too much pressure to your knees, certain naturally occurring compounds can help your body react in a better manner to curb the resulting pain. As a soluble dietary fiber, beta-glucan can do this — but only with the proper makeup of 1,3/1,6.

Provides respiratory benefits: This is an added bonus of beta-1,3/1,6-glucan. With Glucan85Plus, you may find it easier to breathe as the seasons change throughout the year, particularly during strong shifts and periods such as allergy season.


What else to look for in a beta-glucan supplement

Part of the success of any successful supplement regimen comes from keeping it “all-natural.” When trying to boost the immune system, the last thing you want to do is add a bunch of processed chemicals into your body — what good is helping one part of yourself while harming another?

Glucan85Plus is the perfect example of an all-natural, well-sourced supplement that is built with your health in mind. How can you be sure? Simply by reading the label.

In addition to the “hero” ingredient of the beta-glucan immunity blend, Glucan85Plus packs a further punch by adding Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract for Vitamin C, elderberry, zinc, echinacea, magnesium, and Vitamin D3. 

These ingredients combine for a forceful blend that boosts your health without taking anything away from it — how’s that for a win-win?

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