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The connection between beta-glucan and healthy blood glucose levels

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Among the most publicized tricks up Beta-Glucan’s sleeve is the ability of this wonder-fiber’s ability to help stabilize blood glucose levels. Thing is, it’s tough to find the information you need to understand whether beta-glucan can help you, distilled down into one place.

That frustration ends today.

Here, we’re going to break down the theory, the hopes, and yes, the facts, about what beta-glucan can do for blood glucose levels, and how that pertains to your diabetes. Read on to learn about one big thing you can do to help keep your blood glucose levels on track throughout the day.

What are healthy blood glucose levels?

To understand the impacts of beta-glucan on blood glucose levels, we must first understand what healthy blood glucose levels are. For many adults, a blood sugar level less than 140 mg/dL is considered normal. 

For those without diabetes, your blood sugar likely falls between 70 and 130 mg/dL throughout the day, depending on when you last ate and what it was that you ate. But in the United States, almost seven percent of the population has diabetes — that’s 34 million people — have diabetes, and 88 million have pre-diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That’s a lot of people who don’t fit the track of “normal” blood glucose levels. If you’re in this group, you’re far from alone. And as it turns out, not far from help. Supplements like Glucan85Plus have been shown to help stabilize blood glucose levels, assisting those who need it in feeling better.

What does the science tell us?

At Haka Life Nutrition, our philosophy — and thus, our operating procedure — is built around one driving factor: how can we help Haka Life Warriors like yourself boost their full-body health in simple, effective ways? 

When we began researching beta-glucan and drew up the concept for Glucan85Plus we wanted to confirm what we’d been hearing about the impact of this soluble dietary fiber on glucose levels. We’d heard the rumors, but wanted the facts.

Among many science-driven angles, a study from the US National Library of Medicine confirmed what we’d hoped. After testing beta-glucan on patients over an extended period to measure whether glucose levels were impacted, the team of researchers found that beta-glucan does, in fact, help to improve blood glucose levels.

It was observed that doses around 6.0g/person/ day, for at least 4 weeks were sufficient to provoke improvements in the blood glucose levels and also lipid parameters of individuals with DM,” the study concluded, noting that while Beta-Glucan on its own is not the cure-all, the trials suggest that Beta-Glucan use also appeared to show positive metabolic benefits — making Glucan85Plus a “two birds, one stone,” scenario for full-body health.

The National Library continued, “. . . the ingestion of BGs was efficient in decreasing glucose levels of diabetic patients. The consumption of greater doses or smaller doses for longer periods of time produced better results.”

This study came years after an earlier study found beta-glucan to be more effective than other “resistant starch contents” in reducing insulin and glucose response, as reported by NutraIngredients.

As you probably have guessed, we were intrigued. But there’s more.

Can beta-glucan help prevent diabetes?

If beta-glucan can help to stabilize blood sugar, it would seem that it should therefore be effective in preventing diabetes in many people. No assumptions can be made in the medical world, however.

We again looked to the US National Library of Medicine, which released this study in 2008, for definitive evidence.

“In conclusion, beta-glucans are potentially beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and associated cardiovascular risks,” the study said. “Studies have shown that beta-glucans could reduce hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. Thus, beta-glucan could produce new approaches for the treatment of diabetes.”

Research from this study and others has shown the beta-glucan can be effective for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. “Based on previous research, it was concluded that the ingestion of BGs was efficient in decreasing glucose levels of diabetic patients. The consumption of greater doses or smaller doses for longer periods of time produced better results,” the National Library of Medicine reported.

Can diabetics take beta-glucan?

And now for the big question: can diabetics take beta-glucan? While you should speak with your doctor before adding any changes to your health routine, the short answer is, “yes.” Beta-glucan has been shown to be beneficial to those with diabetes, and an easy, natural way to help keep your blood glucose level on track during long days of work, taking care of family members, or other busy times. 

Building a routine out of a beta-glucan supplement like Glucan85Plus is quite easy to do, as all you have to do is take the recommended dose each day and by the time you’re in the habit of doing so, you should begin to notice some benefit.

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